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Gold Dream works with a system of individual sales through the Multilevel business model.

Our multilevel business model is essential to direct the individual sales that distribute products and services through independent businessmen, who buys one of our franchises.

This model is called Multilevel or Network Marketing because businessmen are commissioned in different levels (multilevel) in accordance with the sales team they have constructed. It is also called network marketing because the initial businessmen construct a sales team that is connected to each other and the recruiter, forming a network.

The most important is that you do not become deceived with miraculous promises and identify what is true fact of an industry that is of a Multilevel business model so that you can invest your time with security and credibility and create great business.

Gold Dream has a simple motto, The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you!!!” And a simple plan with simple distributorship options and an even simpler compensation plan using a fair and honest unilevel network marketing Multi-level Marketing plan.